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Here you will find courses on a range of topics for people working in the animal care and well-being sectors.  Register today to find out more about the modules on offer and see the outlines in detail.  These e-learning modules have been written by our veterinary and learning & development teams.

Whatever your expertise these modules will give you practical advice and tips on animal related topics which you can use in your daily work.

Below you will see our 3 learning zones, click on an icon to see which e-learning modules are currently available for you.

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About PDSA

Vet kneeling besides sat dogLeading veterinary charity, PDSA, provides free veterinary care to the sick and injured pets of people in need and promotes responsible pet ownership.  The charity operates through a UK-wide network of 43 PetAid hospitals, 5 PetAid branches and over 350 PetAid practices (contracted private practices).

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